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Are you interested in the Chinese culture and tradition?

Want to travel for studies or holiday in China?


      Within University Stefan cel Mare Suceava there is the Asian Studies Club Romania – China. What we want:

-         Promoting educational and cultural relationships between Stefan cel Mare University Suceava and universities withinChina;

-         Students and teachers exchange;

-         Organizing conferences, performing studies and research;

-         Building and consolidating of a library (educational materials, multimedia materials) regarding the Chinese culture.

-         Promoting and developing a study program of the Chinese language (organizing classes)

-         Facilitating access to know the culture, civilization, history, geography, tourism, economic system, law etc of China;

-         Viewing movies and documentaries regarding this country;

-         Publishing educational books aboutChina;

-         Developing www.romania-china.ro;

-         Collaborating with Confucius Institute, Romanian-Chinese House and any other organization, institution or business evolved or interested in promoting relationships between Romania-China.


We are open to collaborate with institutions, organizations, business, people interested in developing Romanian-Chinese relationships.


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Associate Professor Ph.D. Alexandru NEDELEA

“Stefan cel Mare”University of Suceava,Romania

Faculty of Economics and Public Administration

Economy, Business Administration and TourismDepartment
Building H, room H 105

Phone: +40740019277

 +40230-216147 int.297; +40330-101130 int.297

E-mail: clubasiaromania@yahoo.com


Asian Studies Club Romania-China  www.romania-china.ro

Romania-Japan  www.romaniajaponia.ro – in construction

Romania-Korea  www.romania-korea.ro – in construction

Romania-India   www.romaniaindia.ro – in construction

www.asiaromania.ro – in construction